Monthly Archives: May 2011

Jared Has a Blog Now

Some of you may remember my old blog, Jared’s Daily Green – George Washington High School Edition! – except without the “George Washington High School Edition!” part. It rose to prominence, once even topping 20 regular visitors. Then I forgot to pay my host and it got deleted.

But now, like a phoenix, it shall rise from the ashes into a sputtering baby bird! And then grow into a grown up phoenix, fly into the Chamber of Secrets, and save Harry Potter!

I also have a bouncer now. His name is Sparty. Here he is with his bros.

He thinks he’s kinda a big deal. He was even in a movie.

I also have a blog robot this time around. She’s called WordPress.

WordPress the feminist robot!

She does the chores for me, like comments boxes and archiving. But it’s hard to get it to do anything it doesn’t already do. It’s like, yeah, WordPress will fix me a glass of orange juice, but if I want a half a glass? Or maybe one with ice? And she freaks out!