Monthly Archives: October 2011


They roam the street like pigeons
Drunks looking for their keys
Groping in the streetlamp
Because the light is better there.

Thank you.

A very tasteless comic

…Yeah, I know. Please understand that I save all my tastelessness for celebrity deaths. It’s how I react to people who freak out. Take MJ. I was listening to the radio in the parking lot of an Albertsons, waiting for my dad to come out.

“Dad, is Michael Jackson dead?”

“Not that I know of.”

“HE IS NOW!! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!”

I could talk about how us nobodies die unnoticed, save for maybe a murder, and then only for the morning paper. Or how news of Jobs’s croakage spread faster than news of the Alabama tornadoes. But I can understand how the celebrity-follower relationship could be important to someone, and people are entitled to feel however they want about it.

But, hey, if you can get blubbery, I can get cynical.