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And mosquitoes?…Ha!

I haven’t posted in a while! Most of that is because I’ve spent the last time in places like the one I’m about to talk about. But I’m back in the United States!

I’ve written for you a story about Nicaragua. Its a something for you readers. I made it entirely out of words and it’s long. But don’t let it bog you down! Cartoons to come. Anyway…

When they land on a person, mosquitoes withdraw a small portion of blood, and, in its place, inject a tiny amount of pure, refined unhappiness. Most of it stays in the area around the bite, making a welt. The rest enters the bloodstream, spreading, throughout the body, a whisper of despair.

We go way back, mosquitoes and me. They remember when I first showed up to the jungle, their turf, with my bottles of 100% Deet, and they laughed at me.

But I got experience, and they got more vicious. I spent untold nights in Uganda sitting up, still, watching, trying to locate and destroy the ones that had slipped under my mosquito net. In a hammock in Guatemala, I covered up every inch of skin save my nostrils and lips, but they weren’t picky. They even gave me a bout with malaria, the bastards.

Mosquitoes eventually come to respect you, and with each new country, I proved myself. But with each new country, the war began afresh.

These were Nicaraguan coastal mosquitoes, hatched in the dens of vipers, raised on scorpions, and hardened by the salt air.

I didn’t even bring repellent this time, and they laughed at me.
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The Navel of the Western Hemisphere

Well, my gentle heathens, or whoever is left, it has been another hiatus, but this time for good reason. It has been an interesting week. Pedicabing is no more. I’m done with it. I had some more cartoons to draw about it, but I didn’t have time.

I can’t pedicab because I’m in Costa Rica. That’s why I was doing the pedicabing in the first place. Therefore, this website for the coming weeks will be a travel blog, more words and less cartoons.

This might be a problem. I understand that most of you (by now one of you is most of you, I bet) don’t actually read the words, but just look at the pictures. In fact, I was so taken with Cars 2 that I was going to write a full-blown review of it, but then I thought That much text? And right in front of this really good comic? And then I thought I would write it and just link to it, and then I started getting ready for my trip and forgot.

Hopefully writing about jungles and drug dealers and buildings made out of rusty corrugated metal will make it worth reading.


I’m in Liberia, Costa Rica, and I got three countries yet to pass! Situations ahead, for sure! Stay tuned!