Which Seat Can I Take

So I drive a pedicab now. It’s the closest thing I’ve had to a real job in years. I like the arrangement. You rent a cab, take it out, and keep what you kill. You do this whenever you want. Plus, it’s an unexpected pleasure to not worry about a boss finding out that I’m just doing the job until I earn exactly enough money to go somewhere else.

But there are some drawbacks. First of all, most jobs pay by necessity. As long as you flip the burger, stand by the register, or keep the kids alive, you’ll probably get paid. But pedicabbery is more like fishing. You’ll probably catch something, but staying out all day and still having nothing to cook in the igloo is always a possibility.

Working for Greenpeace was the same way. And Greenpeace made me despise the world and everyone in it.

So I gotta look out for that.

Sometimes the clientele isn’t great. See, pedicab drivers would never hire a pedicab. In fact, I don’t know anyone who would use a pedicab, which probably means nobody reading this blog would use a pedicab. There are two kinds of customers. Daytime customers.

And nighttime customers.

Though sometimes they come in strange combinations.

But that guy paid me $20 for four blocks, so I guess it’s ok.

54 thoughts on “Which Seat Can I Take

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